Arancini with Sriracha mayo and rocket 

Sourdough bread with cashew and sun-dried tomato pesto4.5
Sweet potato fries with herb mayo (GF)4.8
Onion quiche with sun-dried tomato and daikon radish (GF)4.2

Falafel wrap with hummus (*ask for a GF version)6.5
Vöner-kebab tortilla with fries
Cheeseburger with slightly spicy bean patty, coleslaw and onion jam, sweet potato fries and herb mayo7.9
Yellow vegetable curry with basmati rice and fresh coriander (GF)7
Buddha bowl with red rice, crispy tofu, edamame and spicy peanut sauce (GF)7.2
Chocolate cake (GF) 3.8
Napoleon cake with lingonberry jam 3.6
Fresko handmade ice cream 
*rhubarb, chocolate or pistachio-almond
 Värska mineral water 330ml 2
Kuma kombucha 330ml 3.8
Sativa hemp ice tea 250ml
*cranberry-rosemary, sea buckthorn-ginger, black currant-basil
Coco Active coconut water 330ml 3.5
Elujanu homemade apple juice 300ml 2.5
Carlsberg (non-alcoholic) beer 330ml
 Clausthaler (non-alcoholic) beer 330ml 3.4
 Mull (non-alcoholic) craft cider 330ml 4.2
Especha tea
*green jasmine, mate, sweet black, rooibos with apple and lemon
Cappuccino 2.4
Americano 2.2
Caffe Latte 2.6
Flat White 2.7
Espresso 1.9
*extra shot of espresso 0.5
Hot cocoa 2.2
Choice of milks: soy, almond, oat
We also have decaf!
 Everything on our menu is vegan   
GF - gluten free